Our goal is to be the country's leader in individual state flag socks for business and formal occasions. We are huge fans of our nation, we've traveled throughout every corner of America and have made friends from many states. Being from California ourselves, we feel everyone has a passion and element of pride when they speak of their roots and we want to provide products that help them to outwardly display that pride!


So, we landed at The State Mate. A unique new take on the sock industry. What we want is to outfit your feet with the flag you are proud to call home. We produce state flag socks for all 50 states and Washington D.C. with the goal of expanding to other patriotic themed designs and locations. 


If you love where you are from as much as we do, give our socks a try. No matter if you are on top of the purple mountain majesties down to the bottom of the grandest of canyons: love where you’re from.


-Bret & Erik Price